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I Ching
by Martin Burke


creative heaven and abysmal water

sincerity is obstructed
caution brings good fortune
it helps one to see the superior man
it does not grant permission to cross water

heaven goes the opposite way of water
in all that he does
the superior man considers the beginning


if you do not continue the affair
there will be little gossip

do not, do not engage in conflict
return home
give way
the town and its households
will remain free of guilt

nurture yourself on virtue
danger -but good fortune comes
seek service in the king's service
do not seek works

do not engage in conflict
turn your back to it
submit to fate
do this and persevere
and there will be good fortune

contend -and there will be fortune

whatever is given in the morning
is taken again by nightfall


Copyright 2008 by Martin Burke

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