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by Susan Tepper

I got a dog from the city pound - paid my donation in cash. A beautiful black rottweiler named Thalia. I have re-named her Gaucho. Like me, Gaucho is adaptable; comfortable in new surroundings. Taking to her new name quickly.

Since there isn't much that interests me in steel and concrete, I don't spend a lot of time outdoors. This city does have a large and significant green park, but I've only seen it through the windows of buses. Gaucho, I'm sure, would love to run there. I haven't the courage.

As I kneel beside her on the floor, the drowsy rottweiler throws me a baleful look. I place my forehead against her warm, wide black one.

"Gaucho," I say, "Let's trade brains. You take my woman brain and I'll take your dog brain. 'Cause you have all the instincts I need to get by."


### End ###


Copyright 2007 by Susan Tepper

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