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I Ching
by Martin Burke


receptive earth and creative heaven

the small departs and the great draws near

heaven unites with earth
the king follows this example
he regulates the gifts of heaven and earth
and so brings peace to the people


the earth comes away with the grass!
but treat each according to its nature
and undertakings will bring good fortune

cross the river with resolution
do not neglect what is distant
walk in the middle

the downward follows the straight
the return follows all going
do not complain about the severity of this truth
enjoy what is yours for the moment

he does not boast of his wealth
but with his neighbour
is guiltless, sincere

the king has given his daughter in marriage-this will bring blessings

the wall collapses
do not use the army
but make your commands known
within your own town
to do other
would bring humiliation


Copyright 2008 by Martin Burke

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