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I Ching
by Martin Burke

Difficulty at the Beginning

abysmal water and arousing thunder

difficulty at the beginning-
yet this comes to a good end
nothing should be attempted
it is good to have helpers

cloud and thunder
difficulty at the beginning
yet the superior man
rescues order from confusion


hesitation and hindrance
persevere, appoint helpers

difficulties mount up
the horse is taken from the wagon

he wants to pay court
but she will not have it
for ten years she will not have it

do not hunt without a guide
you will only get lost in the forest
the superior man reads the signs of the times
but seeks non-action
to do otherwise leads to humiliation

attempt unity
nothing coheres
but acts in the right manner

difficulties -yes, but blessings also
slight action brings success
great action brings misfortune

the hose is taken from the wagon
fears will follow


Copyright 2008 by Martin Burke

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