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Gloria Mindock, Editor   Issue No. 107   February, 2022




Cervena Barva Press February Newsletter, 2022

Welcome to the February Newsletter.

Thank you so much for watching the book publication videos I've been putting on YouTube. I thought it would be a great place to showcase our authors and the press. So far, I've completed videos for 2006. 2007, 2008, 2009, 2020 and 2021. As you can see, I just put a link here for 2010 so you can check it out. 2010 is new! I have been having so much fun! If you missed any, you can see them under the playlist, Books by Cervena Barva Press. All the videos are short.

2010 Publications

There are also book trailers for our 3 new books just released. I had a blast with these.

No Time for Death by Harris Gardner

On Earth As It Is by Michael Todd Steffen

Nothing Resplendent Lives Here by Renuka Raghavan (Books are printing)

I was also asked to do a book trailer for "Coupling" by Carolynn Kingyens.
Her book was published by Kelsay Press. Carolynn asked me and I was so honored.
Please check it out.

I will be attending AWP in March. Please stop by the Cervena Barva Press booth, number 638.

I am so excited about going to Philly! I need help with watching the table so please if you can give a little time, I would love it! I could really use the help!!!! I want to thank Renuka Raghavan, who will be helping me at AWP. Let me know if you can.

Our new books are ready for ordering. Check them out!

"No Time for Death"
by Harris Gardner

"As Earth As It Is"
by Michael Todd Steffen

"Nothing Resplendent Lives Here"
by Renuka Raghavan

Visit our bookstore to buy these and other great books!

Many books will be coming out during March, April and May so stay tuned for announcements. To my authors, I will let you know when I start on your book.

A very short newsletter this month. No reviews or interviews this month. More to come soon.

Thanks so much and see you in March with another newsletter. Gloria

Červená Barva Press Staff

Gloria Mindock, Editor & Publisher
Flavia Cosma, International Editor
Helene Cardona, Contributing Editor
Andrey Gritsman, Contributing Editor
Juri Talvet, Contributing Editor
Renuka Raghavan, Fiction Reviewer, Publicity
Karen Friedland, Interviewer
Gene Barry, Poetry Reviewer
Miriam O' Neal, Poetry Reviewer
Annie Pluto, Poetry Reviewer
Christopher Reilley, Poetry Reviewer
Susan Tepper, Poetry Reviewer
Neil Leadbeater, Poetry Reviewer
William J. Kelle, Webmaster

See you next month!


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